How to Identify Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers

Federal Pacific Electric manufactured Residential and Commercial Circuit Breakers.

Here is how to Identify them

Item Description

Let us Help you Identify your Residential Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers with Pictures


The original Federal Pacific Stablok Circuit Breakers came in Full Size and Half Size they were 1 Inch wide per Pole. The Half Size was ½ inch per pole

Below original FPE Half Size  1 Pole front and rear                              Below Original FPE Full Size 1 Pole front and 2 pole rear


Please notice ½ Size Original NC Circuit Breakers                                   Please Note  Full Size Original NA Circuit Breakers

Replacements are being made if used as a plug-in                                 Replacements are being made if used as a plug-in


1 Pole Stablok Circuit Breakers are from 15 to 40 amp

2 Pole were made from 15 to 125 Amp  Replacements are only to 100 Amp


The Stablok Circuit Breaker are being  re-manufactured by Unique and meets today’s standards meeting UL specifications with it’s ETL Certification