HDA Circuit Breakers are Expensive and here is how to make sure you do not get Ripped Off.

HDA Circuit Breakers are Manufactured by Square D and will fit into All Square D I-Line Panels.

Here is a list of reasons to be careful who you purchase from and the reasons why. Also I will give you suggestions of where to go to be safe and save money.

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When you have an emergency and need to add or replace an HDA Circuit Breaker, the authorized distributor will charge you an extremely high price. Why is this? Most Authorized Distributors pay more than independent companies specializing in Circuit Breakers. Also, you have no choice but to purchase the parts you need but you are definitely going to receive an authentic manufactures item unless they purchase it from an unauthorized source. If they purchase from an unauthorized source, you must depend on their purchasing agent that they use a reputable company.

This is the common practice for many distributors that can not stock these expensive Circuit Breakers. For them to stock all amperage’s of HDA Circuit Breakers fro 15 to 150 amp, they will have to dish out thousands of dollars and let the inventory sit.

How about Ebay and Amazon? Sure you can save money and their is a lot of availability and competition. DONT DO IT unless you are extremely confident with the supplier and have a reason to be. E-bay and Amazon will let anybody sell these complicated items and you will never know what you will receive. A company without years of knowledge and experience can be dangerous. Remember these are protection devices to keep you safe.

Buy HDA Circuit Breakers Now

Circuit Breaker re-sellers are not all the same. Companies that have sold these products for a couple of years do not have the knowledge or experience to guarantee the Circuit Breakers are NEW AUTHENTIC MANUFACTURES EQUIPMENT. They may not be able to tell if the Amperage, AIC Rating, Plug-in jaw, tripping mechanism, and terminals are correct. Many newer Re-sellers are just internet based sales people that turn the products at a small profit margin and use whoever offers the best price.

Many re-sellers purchase equipment for Auctions, lost freight, electrical contractors, demolition companies and vendors that travel and purchase surplus to sell to the dealers. Was the item wet? What is the history? Is it defective, are the labels on the circuit breaker original and correct? If you do not know the history prior to purchase their is no way to tell.

Most established re-sellers are honest and strive to offer quality products. Many only offer NEW.

Honest does not mean experienced. Only experience teaches you to properly identify products, have long term vendors that go through the proper channels for purchasing, Identifying possible damage or incorrect labels. Also experience teaches you is the AIC has changed over the years, the most current labels, if components are missing and if the Circuit Breaker resets properly. Experience teaches you to open the box. Why open the box on a new item? I you do not open the box, how do you know the correct item is in there. Human errors are not uncommon. If you do not open the box you will not know 100% that the items are not damaged, resetting properly or even missing parts.

The difference is similar to when buying a car form the dealer. If it is used, they will do a 100 point inspection, check the bakes, tires and history. If you buy it from the owner, you will not know for sure

The most important thing to keep in mind is safety. There are many factors to think of when making your choice of a supplier. if you choose to purchase a reconditioned Circuit Breaker to get the cost down, I have some bad news. Almost all companies that sell the HDA Circuit Breakers, can not and will not open the circuit breaker to clean the contacts inspect all movable parts and properly lubricate the pivot points. Why is this? The manufacture has your safety in mind. This type of Circuit Breaker is tamper proof. It is riveted shut so you can not open and alter the circuit breaker, not to mention you can purchase a NEW Circuit Breaker for the same cost.

JRL Electric Supply Inc is an independent distributor that has specialized in Circuit Breakers since 1985. All sales people have been employed for a minimum of 20 years. 98% of products ship direct from our warehouse.

Buy HDA Circuit Breakers Now

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