Challenger Residential Circuit Breaker Information

Buy NEW 1 Pole Challenger Type “C”

Buy NEW 2 Pole Challenger Type “C”

Buy NEW 3 Pole Challenger Type “C”

Is there a direct replacement for the Residential Challenger Plug-in Type “C” Circuit Breaker?           


Does the Replacement Challenger Type “C” pass code?    


Does the Replacement Challenger Type “C” Circuit Breaker have the Challenger part number on the breaker?


How is the quality of the replacement circuit breaker?

Excellent. These circuit breakers are manufactured to the 2019 standards

Can I use any brand of circuit breaker that will fit in the panel.

There are other brands that fit in the same place but you should use the Circuit Breaker type made for your panel. It meets the UL Standard for the Challenger Residential panels and the Inspectors may not accept other manufactures even though they fit

Where can i find the replacement circuit breaker?

JRL Electric Supply Inc. stocks the newest series BRAND NEW for these Type “C” Residential Circuit Breakers from 15 to 125 Amps 

Are Circuit Breakers From JRL Electric Supply Inc. expensive?

NO  JRL Electric Supply is usually the lowest cost nation wide

How many poles are the replacement Challenger Circuit Breakers that are manufactured at this time?

The Challenger type C Circuit breakers are made in 1, 2, and 3 Poles

Can I buy the Challenger Residential Circuit Breakers used?

Yes    but I would not suggest it for the following reasons. The price for New or Used is the same. These are riveted shut so they can not be reconditioned and you will not know if the item has been abused or exposed to moisture

Does the Replacement circuit breakers look the same as the originals?

YES with the exception of the printing. The type “C” originally had a paper label and the replacement circuit breakers are silk screened and have the part numbers for both Challenger and Eaton printed on them

Are There Pictures of the Replacement Circuit Breaker Available?

Yes  All products from JRL Electric Supply will have an image and description

Can these be purchased on line?

YES JRL stocks the latest series only. If you purchase the Westinghouse version, it will not pass code and the Cutler Hammer version may or may not have the challenger part number depending on when it was manufactured

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